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Some Salty Favorites from Speedweek 2010

Here’s a collection of photos taken at Speedweek 2010.  This was opening day, the can’t miss day in my opinion.  Opening Day has the big drivers meeting (over 500 race entries) in the morning.  Then, after the meeting, anyone is allowed to drive down the race tracks (there’s usually 3) to check them out.  That is a memorable experience.  Ok, so, here’s some of my favorites.

This pickup is killer!  What I love about this rod is the cherry flathead powerplant.  The wrapped headers are a great touch and the white walls top it off.  The stance is nice and low.

The stance of the “Old Crow Speed Shop” truck is much more in line with what you would have seen 50-60 years ago.  But the overall look still says hot rod for sure.  I’m a huge flathead V8 nut as you’ll come to find out.  This pickup has been lightly salted by the Speed gods.  haha  Tasty!  The Old Crow boys run a 50’s style belly tank lakester.  I’ll definitely dedicate some posts to the beloved belly tankers in the future.   Tonight, its apparently more pickups.

To finish off tonight’s post, I’ll leave you with one more shot of that all metal GMC chop top pickup hot rod I spotted.  From this view, you can see its running white walls (flatheads and white walls are my hot rod staples apparently) on black wire wheels.  I am recalling the conversation with the owner a little, I remember it was running a 350ci small block Chev’.  He was parked there because he was overheating a little and was letting the old gal cool down.  She had spit up a little coolant. 

Well, I totally did NOT intend to show 3 more pickups tonight.  What can I say?  I think some coupes and roadsters are up next…

What do you guys think?  Liking any of this stuff?  Leave a comment and share with us your Salt Fever sickness?  I’d love to hear it!

PS New link added. 😉


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