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Sedans, the family hot rod

As a father of 4 boys, as much as I really dig the roadsters and coupes, the sedan is likely my only possible hot rod path.  I dream of hitting the salt flats with the family in a killer traditional hot rod sedan.  Here’s some inspirational rods to help me keep the dream alive. 

First up is this baby blue Pontiac sedan I found at the 2009 World of Speed event.  At first glance, I figured it was a Ford, but I spotted the Poncho emblems and was pleasantly surprised.  I loved all the Bonneville stickers on the window too.  I can tell the owner has been to the flats many times through the years and has Salt Fever no doubt.

This photo was taken in the pit area, but I saw it at the starting line serving as a push car for a racer.  This appears to be a deuce fordor with minor hot rod flavor.  You can see the big n little wheel/tire package and fenders removed for the simple hot rod look. I couldn’t tell what was under the hood but it has a nice stance and unchopped roof.  Perfect period correct family hauler and racecar pusher.

This Olds Rocket powered copper colored sedan is one of my favorites of the 2009 Speedweek event.  A family hot rod does not get any cooler.  This photo was taken at the Nugget Car Show that happens in Wendover at the end of the first couple of days.  Its a great place to hang out and see all of the hot rods in one place.

Flipping through my pictures of Speedweek 2009, I spotted this Model A sedan with flathead power, black wires with blackwalls and a nice simple full fendered look with a mild rake.  No chop as well, which is kinda rare today.  Most coupes and sedans, if they wanna be called a hot rod get their roofs chopped first thing.

From the mild black unchopped, fendered sedan to this wild bright orange chopped, fenderless blown big block #622 Sedan at the starting line.  And yes, that’s David Freiburger from Hot Rod Magazine fame.  Cool photo eh?  If I’m not mistaken, this orange sedan runs in the AA/CBFALT, which is the unlimited cubic inch engine, classic blown fuel altered class.  The record you ask?  I was surprised to see the current record is 290mph, set in 1991.  Wow!  FAST!!!

Chris the metal working whiz kid from the Salt Flats Speed Shop in Orem, Utah has been working on this amazing deuce tudor hot rod for a couple years now.  I’ve been following this build for about a year and a half.  This photo was taken at Chris’ 2010 Open House.  The car is currently in primer.  He’s gonna go with a traditional Washington Blue paint.  I can’t wait to see it finished and sprayed with salt.   Do yourself a favor and follow the build thread HERE.  The metal work, the chop, the suspension and steering setup and the hopped up flathead make this sedan my favorite inspiration for my future dream rod.


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