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Volksrod on the Salt

Personally, the hot rods and customs are my favorite part of attending Bonneville.  With the modern safety rules and equipment, the racecars are not the same as they were when lakes racing first started in the 40’s and 50’s.  Roll bars, fire suppression, I get it.  It keeps the drivers much safer and that is a good thing, especially with the speeds that people are running.  But, I dig the personal hot rods people drive in to Bonneville from all over the country.  This Volkswagen hot rod, or Volksrod as they call ’em was one of my Top 5 favorite hot rods at Speedweek 2010.  Its known as the KDF Mangler and was built by Drew Strunk from Dropped Axle Productions in Cinci, Ohio.

This split window Volksrod is full of hot rod modifications.  I don’t know what kind of wheels these are but they’re very unique and have a great hot rod look.

From this view you can see the the two tone paint and louvered hood.  The low slung headlights with two tone paint accents look so rad.  The top has a serious chop and the windshield has been fitted with the old style flip out functionality.

One of the design aspects I notice form this view is the engine height.  It’s set up higher in the frame so that the car can sit as low as possible.  I also spot the 6 lug front wheels.  Must be from a tractor or something.  haha  Ragtop open to collect the salt chuncks that get shot up in the air from the open wheels.

The interior is full on ratrod style.  Bomber seats , aluminum panel floorborads, bare bones to the core.

Yes, that’s a flat design engine, but no its not a volkswagen.  Its actually a Corvair flat 6.  I spy some hot rod pinstriping above the rare split window.

One last parting shot of the Mangler.  Thank you Drew!  What an amazing hot rod.  I hope he brings it back our, but I here he’s got more hot rods up his sleeve.  Can’t wait!

For more photos and info on the KDF Mangler and the builder Drew Strunk, check out the Speedhunters feature article.


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  1. Rick Moore

    That is the sickest bug I have ever seen. Pure awesome.

    April 17, 2011 at 9:50 pm

  2. Nice blog thanks.

    June 16, 2012 at 3:22 pm

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