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The Fabulous Flathead V8 Part 1

Navarro, Offenshauser, Edelbrock, OH MY!!!

Not too many words to go with this post.  This is dedicated to the Flathead V8.  The look, sound and history is what gets me goin’ about flatties.  Their lakes racing history in the late 30’s and 40’s is important to hot rodding.  Sure, they don’t make great power compared to more modern OHV V8’s and may cost more to build up right compared to a SBC, but to me they have the feel, sound, look of an era that I want to remember.  The engine that started the entire hot rod culture, to you, I dedicate this blog post, Mr. Flathead V8.  haha

Navarro cylinder head, mmmm….

If 2 carbs is good, 3 is better, what is 4 carbs?

Salt encrusted flatties are the best!

Old Crow Speed Shop flathead is just right.

Twin carb’d Edelbrock powered flattie at the Nugget Casino.

I’ll finish Part 1 with this 3-deuce, blown, Offy head flattie I spotted at the Nugget Casino cruise in last year.  Cool headers too!


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