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Soggy Salt at World Finals 2010 Part 1

So, its been a long time comin’.  It’s been what? 6 months since World Finals 2010 happened… and I finally have the photos to share.  I think they’re doozies too.  It rained the morning of and the day before if I remember right.  They actually had to move the start line down the track a mile or so to get the start area out of the standing water.  But, they were able to run all day, so my buddy Rickrod and I had a great time.  Part 1 will be a few of my favorite photos from the day.

The first car we came to not long after dropping off of “Lands End” was this bright fluorescent orange modified roadster.  This car runs in the Gas Rear Engine class, very cool.  There are not many of these rear engine roadsters, so its cool to spot one in this amazing setting.

Rickrod and I had a hard time figuring out what this car was, we thought maybe a Datsun 240Z, but I think it was a euro sports car.  Either way, its not anymore, now its a blown modified sports class participant.  The engineering involved in this build is something else.  Details everywhere.

Super long bodied blown fuel lakester (BFL) with a vintage overhead cam engine (XO) of some kind kicking up salt at the start line.  Go get ’em!

One more rear engine roadster.  It is #426, I wonder if that is any indication of a 426 Hemi?  Its running a C motor according to the class decals, which is in the 300-370ish cubic inch range.  Maybe not a Hemi then.  You can see hints of a Model T roadster body back there, just barely.  It just looks like it can go doesn’t it!?

This yellow and red C/FR roadster set the record at this event with a 2 way average speed of 273MPH.  Ya, you heard me right.  Check out where the front axle sits.  Very interesting.  I spy the Mooneyes roadster in the background.

This beautiful Ferrari called Cavalio Volante (“fast horse”) has a turbocharged big block Chevrolet V8 for power.  Oh the purists are rolling in their graves right now.  The #288 Ferrari was out on the water logged flats for some beauty shots right before it backed up its first run to set the AA/BFMS (unlimited cubic inches over 500ci, blown fuel modified sports) class record at 275MPH.  Fastest Ferrari (body) in the world.  haha

Unfortunately the small event and rain seemed to scare away many of the hot rods.  These two cool old dudes were out spectating in there gorgeous Deuce Roadster street rod.  They were enjoying the day for sure.  I was happy to see a car this clean and finished hot rod out driving and getting dirty.

The straight 8 powered Buick Bombshell set a new XO/GCC (vintage overhead cam, Gas Comp Coupe) class record at 141MPH.  The owner/driver had just set the record and was out for some beauty shots.  This photo was my favorite.  What a cool car and a cool venue.  Congrats on the record!

That’s it for Part 1 of the 2010 World Finals event that took place last October.  Lots more to come!


2 responses

  1. Rickrod

    There are those photos! 🙂

    I remember #426 being one of the loudest (if not THE loudest) car of the day. Music to my ears, if you ask me. And I think we finally figured out that the red 240z was actually a Triumph. Still awesome either way. Can’t wait for the part 2!

    April 15, 2011 at 6:26 am

  2. seansverige

    unidentified car is Triumph GT6 – or started life as one anyway…. HTH

    January 22, 2014 at 10:27 am

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