Bonneville Salt Flats Rods, Racing & People

Soggy Salt Part 2

More photos from October 2010’s World Finals meet.  Part Dos!

Mile marker “0”.  This is the view from the starting line and looking down the Long Course, 5 miles of insanity, with 3 miles to bring your ride back to reality.  Even though you could see a lot of standing water from the rains the day and night before, the track itself was luckily dry.  There were over 50 records set in the 3 days of racing.  Everyone knows about Speedweek in August, but the World of Speed in September and World Finals in October are just as good for seeing records break.

Another view of this brightly colored rear engine beasty.  Notice the dual parachute setup and those twin tubes, I’m not sure if they’re intakes or exhausts.  I’d think if they were exhausts, they’d be more discolored and rough looking.  But, I don’t see any other exhaust outlets, hmmm, very curious indeed.  Just checked the SCTA run results and they are only showing record runs.  Bummer, I was curious to see how fast this ran.  I guess the drivers answer would have to be “Not fast enough”.  LOL

You won’t miss these guys in their bright yellow van and neon highlighter green and yellow Chevy Monza.  I’ll save the other close up photos of this one for another post.  Just a teaser for now.  It runs in the C/Classic Gas Coupe class and set a new record at 228MPH.  Its no slouch!

One more Monza, this time in a more mellow blue color.  haha  A nice sleek shape with that fastback design.  This one runs in the Classic Blown Fuel Altered class.

Heard of these guys?  haha  Duh!  This is there Mooneyes shop van.

Here’s what the Mooneyes  guys brought out.  Its an F motor (2.01 to 3.00 liter) and runs the Blown Fuel Modified Roadster class.  It is a slick lookin’ Model T roadster with a classy paint scheme and looks clean with the moon discs.  Modified roadsters have a longer wheel base, nose and have the drivers position set way back compared to factory.

Here’s the Mooneyes driver getting geared up and ready to get in.  These guys really play up the Mooneyes eyes eh?  I would too.  A brand of epic proportions.


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