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Chop Top Bonneville Coupes

Found some mean lookin’ coupes from my Speedweek photos.   Been going through some HAMB build threads, 2 local Utah dudes from the Throttlers Car Club.  Made me look back through my photos and found these…

This is a great lookin’ ’33-34 (still need to learn the differences between ’em) chop top coupe I spotted at World Finals 2009 just after sunrise.  I like the color scheme too.  According to its class markings on the door, it runs in the UnblownVintage Fuel Flathead Altered class.  Checking SCTA’s site, the class record is 134MPH.

Roy Creel’s chop top Coupe is easily the top coupe in dry lakes racing right now.  I found this hanging from the window with some cool info about the car and its records.

The coolest part is its running a vintage 4 cylinder, a 1934 Model B to be exact.  It’s running a Nelson & Nelson billet aluminum head and fuel injection. Running gas, it has set the record at 157MPH, with fuel, it gets bumped up to 173.  Quite a difference!

There’s the aluminum headed B motor.  Cool!

Sweet 5 window coupe street rod from the Gear Grinders Car Club cruising the pits at Speedweek 2009. Man, my tastes are really starting to get fine tuned.  As much as I dig this street rod style, I much prefer a more traditional style hot rod.  Cool Avanti in the background as well.

Cool pic here under the canopy of the Tech Inspection area.  Sweet blown chop top deuce coupe with the blower hat turned around.  Next to it a belly tank lakester and another blown coupe of some sort 2 down.  The Tech Inspsection area is a cool place to hang out.  You learn alot and get to see many details of the race cars as the men in white carefully check off each car.

Now, heading over to the Nugget Casion cruise in in Wendover…Pretty sure this “59C” coupe is a Rolling Bones car.  See, compare this with the street rod deuce up above and I much prefer this chop top coupe.  Gimme steelies, black walls, flatheads and paint instead of chrome.  Oh, and lightly salted please!

So, I’ve kinda always skipped over this photo ’cause it doesn’t show the entire car, but tonight, I really dig it.  I like the vintage lettering on this one.

This tractor nosed chop top coupe (I think its a Model A) really talks to me.  I love the steering arm blister, the holed windshield visor, low ride height.  Perfection right there!

I really dig this wide white wall dark maroon coupe.  Sits super low and has that traditional flare to it I like.

That’s it for now.


One response

  1. Dave

    man that marroon coupe is the stuff.

    April 27, 2011 at 5:50 pm

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