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Hondata Record Holding Hondas at Bonneville

So, if you noticed my Subaru WRX on the “100 Days Til Speedweek” post, then you’ll get a glimpse into my auto interests.  I can dig everything from Flathead powered Model A roadsters to all wheel drive turbo 4 cylinder rally sedans.  I love ’em all.  I’ve personally owned a ’72 VW Bug, two ’90’s era Honda Civics, a ’94 Mustang GT and currently the 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX.  This post will show some images of a couple of hot rod Hondas that hold multiple records in different classes.

I came upon the Hondata crew at Speedweek 2009 in the pit area on Friday, the day before Speedweek officially begins.  They were running 2 cars, a 2nd gen Honda CRX and an Acura RSX.  Hondata is a company that focuses on Honda ECU tuning systems.  They’re pretty much the “IT” game if you have a modified Honda 4 cylinder.

First up, the Hondata sponsored Honda CRX.  The #4240 car seen above is a car known for being a “hot hatch”, a car that can get up on 3 wheels while taking the twisties, a car great on the MPG’s and responding well to bolt on suspension and engine mods.  NOT really known for blowing doors off of sports cars in a straight line though.

The crew was fiddling around with stuff and opened the door, so I took a peek inside.  Some of the stock dash still remains and even the door cards have some of the factory cloth intact.  Buuuut… that’s about it.  Fully gutted, roll caged, all the SCTA approved safety features is all you see now.

You know this “little Honda that could” means the biz!  A parachute!  That’s right!  This is no ricer!  haha  Wait til you see how fast this Honda went in 2010 withOUT a turbo or supercharger or NOS.

I thought the exhaust tip was interesting.  I’ve seen header heat wrap before, but not on the very back end of an exhaust system.  Maybe it runs close to the fuel tank or they just don’t wanna melt bodywork.  You can also spot the required long wheel studs for going over 200MPH.  That’s right, 200!

Here’s a look at the rear hatch spoiler which is small, but that’s to meet the Competition Coupe class rules.  Also note the rear hatch glass latches.  Also a required piece if you’re planning on going faster than 2 bills.

Here’s a look at the K-series motor swap and custom intake setup.  This is the “small block chevy” of sorts for the Honda crowd.  The B-series engines from 1988 through 2000 might be considered the “Ford Flathead V8” of the import 4 cylinder scene.  The newer, more high tech and larger displacement K-series engines take the strangle hold Honda has on the naturally aspirated 4 cylinder world to 11. 

A big part of what makes this CRX run in what is called the “Competition Coupe” class is that elongated aero nose.  It’s not exactly purty, but it does the job very well.  So, how fast has it gone?  At Speedweek 2010, it ran and set the record at 204MPH in the F/FCC class, which stands for unblown (aka naturally aspirated) F engine size (123-183 cubic inches (2.01-3.00 liters for you ricers)), Fuel, Comp Coupe. 

Here’s a photo with better lighting to see the profile of the CRX.  Pretty slippery shape I think.

This same car also holds the record for the F/GCC, which is the same car class, just running gas instead of fuel.  The difference being fuel can be any number of special chemicals, for example, methanol, nitro, etc.  Gas would be stuff like high octane gasoline.  The record for the F/GCC is “only” 176MPH.  The same car also holds the class record for G/GCC at 187MPH, which is the same car, running gas but with a smaller engine, a 1.51-2.00 liter (93-122 cubic inches).  I think with more tuning, the bigger engine should be able to push the little CRX close to 200.  The same car also (man, I keep saying “also” a lot here) holds the F/FALT class record at 187MPH.  This is the bigger F size motor, with fuel but in the “Altered” class instead of the “Comp Coupe” class.  I need to grab the rule book and see what the difference is in these two classes.  I don’t think its much.  It could be differences in the nose and rear spoiler.  I’ll have to get back to you on that.

If you read this far, you’re the first.  You’ll notice that I said Hondas, plural, in the blog title.  That’s right!  There is one more record setting Honda (well, technically its an Acura) that I’ll post about soon.