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Salt Flats Speed Shop Open House August 10th

A quick plug for the Salt Flats Speed Shop Open House on August 10th (Wednesday before Speedweek).  Chris will have the Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop as Special Guests again with more hot rods and land speed race cars this year.  It’s a can’t miss for any coming out to Speedweek!


Roadsters and Coupes and Subscibing by email

Ok, time to look at some Bonneville coupes and roadsters, the bread and butter of the salt flats history.

I’ll start off with the “VooDoo Speed Lounge” coupe.  This is one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken and unfortunately, it was with the old point and shoot, not the D90 Digital SLR camera.  This was taken at Speedweek 2008 I believe.  It might have even been World of Speed 2008.  I can’t remember any more.  I’m not expert in telling the difference between 33’s and 34’s, but I believe that’s what this is.  I dig the finned valve covers, ram horn exhaust mani’s and the red grille.   I think this photo would look cool in black and white too. 

You can’t get any cooler than the Rolling Bones deuce coupes lined up here at Speedweek 2010.  The signature aggressive chop, weathered paint jobs, traditional power plants, they all make for amazing pieces of hot rod art.  The coolest part about these deuces is the fact that they were driven across the country from New York state all the way to Bonneville. 

This 1931 Hudson (I only knew that because its license plate said 31HDSN) was definitely in my Top 5 hot rods crusing the pits at Speedweek 2010.  Those wheels in the rear are one of the best looking designs.  The cream paint was different and it totally worked.  The Hemi up front looked the part too.  The entire package is absolutely perfect to me. 

This scalloped deuce roadster with convertible top was purty.  The yellow wheels with red/white paint and tan top at first just rubbed me weird, but now that I’ve looked at it a few more times, its really starting to work well together.  Either way, its super clean and well built.  The spun aluminum gas tank up front (even if its not functional) is a nice touch.  Personally, I’d probably go sans tank, maybe some black wheels with white walls or maybe some white wheels with blackwalls would be my personal tweaks to bring this roadster to more of my liking.  But, a cool photo with the ’31 Hudson coupe in the background nonetheless eh?

It was nice to spot this “Dodge Boys” 1928 Dodge roadster race car from Montana running in the V4F/BSTR (translation?  Blown Vintage flathead 4 cylinder street roadster class).  Satin black paint, moon discs and serious roll cage is a nice combo.  Its also running the rear fenders.  According to the run sheets on the SCTA site (check links at your right to get to the SCTA site), this roadster ran 132 mph in the 2nd mile.  The record is 115mph, which is held by this very #60 roadster, and since the ol’ Dodge couldn’t make a second pass, the record still stands at 115 .  Now, think about this… the V8 roadsters in the late 30s, early 40’s were running in the 120-130 mph range.  So, this 4 cylinder is stout.  Cool to see the speeds increase over the years for all the various classes.

This tracknose roadster is gorgeous.  The bright yellow just pops against the bright white salt.  This car was almost too nice to drive around on the salt… almost.  haha  I don’t really know what else to say about this roadster, its … see, I can’t come up with anything intelligent.

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