Bonneville Salt Flats Rods, Racing & People


More Random Saltines

Just photos of cars at Bonneville.

This is the vertical tail of the “Maro Special” streamliner.  It looks like an experimental jet from the 50’s a la “X-1”.  I feel like Chuck Yeager should be hopping out of the cockpit of this beast.  The goal of this ‘liner is 450MPH.  Serious biz!

This bike caught my eye.  I don’t take many pics of motorcycles.  I guess they’re kind of the forbidden fruit as its entirely impossible I’ll ever own one.  But, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a well built custom bike that goes real fast.  I liked the wraped header and the military green paint job.

Here’s Jeff Brock’s Bonneville Bombshell Buick at the 2010 Bonneville Nationals.  I caught the crew taking the hood off (or was it putting it back on?).  I dig the matching crew shirts.

Dig the Wendover mountains in the background with some handsome hot rods.  This is what you’ll find at the big Cruise In at the Nugget Casino in Wendover during the first couple days of Speedweek.

I think my favorite part of cruise ins is sitting at the entrance and watching the rods arrive.  I like to see what kind of people own the cars.  This couple look like they’re having a blast owning this Model T (Thanks for the correction Errol) hot rod with a 3 deuce small block chevy.  The yellow accents are working here but personally I think the rear meats are too meaty.

68 days until Speedweek.  I sure hope the rain/wet dries up.  I don’t think I could wait another year for Speedweek.  Pray for a hot and windy summer.  haha


Random Saltines

Just wanted to show off some photos that wouldn’t normally get a spotlight for their artistic greatness, but more for simply giving you an idea of what goes on at Bonneville.

Here’s an Altered coupe being tinkered with in the start line before runs begin just after sunrise.

The “Spirit of Rett” streamliner is a fast one.  Looks like an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile with wheels.

The very well known #444 Vesco streamliner.  It’s a beautiful streamliner with a long history of breaking records.

You seen a lot of hot rod and racing car clubs roaming around the salt flats.  The “San Diego Roadster Club” established in 1941 has got to be one of the oldest clubs still kickin’ around at Bonneville.  Not sure what the letters “WMBCSBWWE” stand for though, maybe the first letter of the names of the first members?  Anyone out there have a clue?

This #99 Helipower Firebird/Camaro is a very quick machine.  So fast in fact, it’s roof has incorporated these NASCAR beauties…

Speed brakes that open up when you’re going 200+ MPH with your rearend in front.  Great idea since these coupes with short rear over hangs like to flip ends when the aerodynamics get iffy.

The “Joint Venture” big rig racer is quite the freak machine.  But the powerplant is way cool, check them out…

That’s right, 2 V8 diesel engines with a total of 4 turbos.  Wow!  According to the lettering on the door, this car has gone as fast as 228MPH in 2006, which was a class record.  It also says its been running since 1990.

Gear Grinders plaque on a ’32 deuce coupe in the pits.  An SCTA club that’s been around since 1938, that’s a 73 year old car club people!

Here’s the “Bonneville Safari” courtesy of ACME Speed Shop.  There are some crazy pit vehicles to be found at Bonneville. 

That’s all for tonight.