Bonneville Salt Flats Rods, Racing & People

Welcome to “Salt Fever”, first up a chopped GMC pickup rod


Salt Fever is a blog about the Bonneville Salt Flats, the hot rods, the racing, the people, the history.  I have had salt fever for 4 years now and each year I attend the Salt Flats, my sickness gets worse.  This blog will be host to all things Bonneville.  I’m passionate about the history of the other worldly location, the “hot rod pilgrimage” that many make each year, the cars and the stories of the many people who have been infected by salt fever. 

On your marks…

Get set…


This first shot is an all metal 30’s GMC pickup that has been modified for that Lakes Racing look.  The owner is from Utah and says this is a work in progress.


One response

  1. Dan Sallia

    I like this new web site. I’ll be checking back to see what’s happening.

    April 4, 2011 at 10:54 pm

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